Sunday, December 4, 2011

'Tis the Season!!!

'Tis the season to be....CRAFTY!!!  I have been working on being a mommy so much lately that I nearly forgot that I need to get working on all of my holiday gifts!!!
I have nearly finished crocheting an afghan for my father, refinishing and furnishing a dollhouse for my daughter,  making 50+ holiday cards for friends and family, two 12x12 twenty page scrapbooks, and baking about 25 breads, 200 cookies....the list goes on!!!  
It sounds like a lot of absolutely is!  However, there is nothing quite like giving handmade gifts or baked goods to family and friends!  They love those sort of things.  
I will be spending my week decking the halls!!  Hopefully I get a few of the decorations posted here for you all to see.  
Remember...if you know someone crafty visit my website for tons of great gifts!!!  The Close to My Heart exclusive Cricut cartridge is on the top of my list!!
If you want some crafty gifts created for you....just send me an email and I can still get them done before the holidays!!!  My deadline for any handmade books or projects is December 14th!!!  So hurry and place an order by sending me an email at !!!!!!
Happy Holidays!!!!

Friday, June 10, 2011

June and July

I have finished some card samples for June and July!!  I have a 4 card class, the cost is $25, and the dates have changed to June 24 and July 1. Both classes will be the same and start at 6:30pm.  We should be able to finish up at 8:30pm.  The class uses all Close to My Heart paper and stamps!  They're super cute!  We will be using simple techniques as well as some fun work with acetate and what I like to call "fussy cutting"!  "Fussy cutting" is not as hard as it sounds, and it adds a really fun, inexpensive way to add something to all your paper crafting projects!  There are only 6 spaces available for each class, so send me an email as soon as you can to sign up! (Cash or Checks are excepted)
I am also running a couple specials right now. The first is an absolutely free gift with purchase!!!  Any purchase, for any amount and you will get your own set of My Creations A-door-ables for FREE!!!!!  They can be used on cards, scrapbooks, or any projects where you want to add a little something extra!  You can stamp them, paint them, cover them in paper.....they're a really fun little addition to you paper crafting project!

The second special I have is super HUGE!!!  If you buy one of the Close to My Heart workshop kits, you will get a voucher for a FREE one on one class with me!!!  That means I will help you with your kit and allow you the use of my many, many tools!!!  I have a cricut expressions, crop-a-dile, scissors, punches, paints, inks, flowers.....and more!!!!!   Call or email today!!!   

These specials end June 30th!!!  The voucher you receive is good for one year from day of purchase!!!

Call: 571-643-3595

Friday, May 27, 2011

New Class, New Crops!!!

Hi Everyone!
I know I have been getting a little behind on my blogging, but I promise I will show you some new things this week that were worth the wait!
The first thing I want to share with everyone is......A CROP! I will be co-hosting a crop with a wonderful woman, Scrapi Traci! We want to hold a few small crops through the summer leading up to a mega, huge crop in the fall! We will have limited space for the small crops, so as soon as the date is posted....SIGN UP! They will be $45 a person. This will include a light brunch, a "linner" (lunch/dinner), door prizes, make and takes, use of tools (I have a ton!), and best of all use of a cricut expressions and about 10 or 15 cartridges! They will be all day crops on specific Saturdays through the summer from 9am-9pm. We would like to hold the first one on June 11....that's if you call and sign up!!! We have a second date option for June 25. Call or email me know so we can get everything set and the locations put together....our options on location are still open, they are all in Loudoun county. Email: Phone: 571-643-3595

The second very cool thing I want to share with you....A CLASS!
I will be holding a card class in June! Samples will be posted early next week. It will be 4 cards with stamping, ribbon, and much more! The class is $25 a person. Space is limited. Dates are set for Friday June 17 from 6:30pm-8:30pm and Saturday June 18 from 11am to 1pm. Call or email me to sign up!

Cash or check are the payments accepted for classes or crops. When you email or call me I will set up payment via mail or I can come pick up.

I am really excited to have crops and classes with everyone! I really can't wait to show all the beautiful papers and stamps to you! For a look at the papers and stamps Close to my Heart has to offer visit my website

Thanks for Reading!!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

A New Class!

After a crazy first half of the week, I am ready to get a card class posted here!  I am going to have a 4 card class, spring themed naturally! I am very excited about it, especially after spending the last three days visiting the DMV!!!  With this rainy day on top of it, I could really use some sunshine...even if it is in the form of a card!
I have some adorable stamps with little rain boots and umbrellas, beautiful flowers, really cute cupcakes, and more!  I should have these samples up by the weekend.  A date for the class will be decided by then as well!  I hope that you can make it.  There is going to be some fun techniques, and of course, there will be chocolate! I will be holding this one at my house...with only 6 spots available per class.  If there is interest, let me know if you want to hold a special class of your own at your home...or you can hold a special date at my house with a minimum of 4 people.
Contact me today!
(571) 643-3595

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Girl Scout Spring Card Workshop

I just finished these cards for a spring card workshop for a local girl scout troop!  I am really excited to hold this class for them.  If you have anyone who might be interested, send them my way!  These cards are fun and easy.  The class will take about one hour and the cost per person is only $8!
I will be posting a similar class (only slightly more advanced) for adults sometime this week!

Thanks to All!!!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Organizing Your Ribbon!

I find organizing ribbon to be very difficult, so I thought I would share with you the ways that I have found to be the easiest to accomplish and best to use the ribbon you have.
First thing you need to know is...there is no reason to keep ribbon that is less than 3"   in length.  You can't tie a bow with less...and rarely can you tie a simple least not without going crazy in the process. So first step is...chuck those itty bitty pieces!
Second thing to do is organize by color. I find the best thing is the rainbow, ROY G BIV, red(this should include your pinks), orange, yellow, green(include teal), blue, indigo(dark blueish purple), and violet (this will include your lavender as well). Then blacks and grays, white, browns and tans, and finally metals (ie. gold, silver, bronze).
After you get all the colors separated, you just need to put them away!  Now I know that this is a really daunting task...but keep with me!  I use a simple strip of heavy white cardstock.  I cut this into 2"  x 12"   strips. I then simply wrap the ribbon around (careful not to do it too will get kinks in it). I use a small piece of scotch tape to secure the end.  Simple as that!  It did take me a few nights in front of the television...but I got it done!
Finally, I bought a few simple plastic jars from Michael's.  I used these for little strips between 3 or 4 inches in length.  I did 8 for each rainbow and a jar for black, white, browns, and metals.  I just keep up with this as best as I can, this way it doesn't get ahead of me. Then, I kept the ribbon strips in a decorated shoe box...but you could use a photo box. Photo boxes are inexpensive and already decorated. 
If you do like to buy ribbon on spools, I recommend using a few dowels mounted between two planks of wood. You can paint or decorate them to match your decor.  
This is what I figured out is the easiest way to organize all your ribbon.  Trust me...I have tried it all! I hope this makes life a little easier and more organized for you!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Spring Card Workshops

I am very excited to announce a private event addition to my calendar!  I will be holding a spring card workshop for a local girl scout troop.  We will be making 4 cards with a beautiful spring theme.  There will be ribbon, buttons, gems, and more!  
If you want to hold your very own spring card class....give me a call or send me an email.  I would love to come and bring a little spring into your life!  There is a special gift for the hostess when you have a class or home party.

Thursday, January 27, 2011's the toughest part....almost

Paper is definitely one of the hardest things to organize.  You have to decide what you will put it all in. You have to decide what way you will sort it all.  I want to share with you the ways that I like to organize my paper!
I have a couple brands of paper that I just love, so I start there.  I love Basic Grey, My Minds Eye, SEI, and of course Close To My Heart.  I keep those lines separate from the rest of my pattern paper.  The rest of the pattern paper gets sorted first by any holidays, second by predominate color, and third by pattern type (i.e. stripes, plaid, circles).  This third rule is for the papers that have so many colors it's impossible to choose a predominate one.  I also put this third rule into play within the predominate color sections.  
I have found this to be the best way to work.  If there is a particular combination that you have found works well together I put them to the side to keep them together in a paper saver.
For cardstock I think it's pretty safe to say arrange it by color.  I always follow the rainbow...ROY G BIV.  This is just the way I like to look at flows so nicely and looks pretty on the shelf.
I think that the Cropper Hopper brand of storage pieces works best for me. It keeps the paper upright on a shelf and it's easy to label. I think, if you have a lot of paper, it really works well.  
If you don't have a "paper problem" like I do. ;-)  There are some really nice storage cubes (the ones I talked about last time) that have fits paper perfectly. It also holds albums nicely.
Hopefully I have helped you solve some of your paper storage issues...and regain at least a small part of your sanity.
Next time....we talk.....(dramatic pause) RIBBON!!!!! (Which actually is the toughest part) 

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Organizing....when will I be done?!

If you have started to organize, or started to think about getting organized...then you know what I am going through right now.  I realized a couple things as I have been planning my organizing.  1. I have way too much paper...way, way too much. (I will eventually post a picture to prove it to all of you!)  and 2. There is no way to keep a two year old from getting into at least some of your crafting stash!
  That being said, I am determined to find a way to organize that will be quick, easy, and two year old proof (at least as much as is possible).
  I have found that the cubes you buy at A.C. Moore and Michaels are awesome.  I love that you can choose the ones that work and that they are moveable! You can get them for a great price, roughly $17 or $ long as you use a coupon or get them on sale.  This is great news, because you will have a little something left over to buy an adorable new project to start!
  So, my cubes are tables are set I just need to find the right way to put these 60+ boxes into the space I have!  Be strong my fellow crafters!  I am going to get us through this if it's the last thing I do!  Even if you aren't a paper worries...I am a jack of all crafts!!!  I will show you ways to organize just about anything!  
  Let's get organized!!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

New Year, New Crafts!

  It's a new year!  It's time to dust off all the craft projects you put to the side during the holidays and start up fresh!
  This year is bringing so many exciting things!  Projects galore...organizing techniques...oh...and before I forget...A BRAND NEW BABY GIRL! (Well, that's what this year has brought ME so far.)  I hope that this year will be just as exciting as last.  
  I want to begin the year on a bright and organized note.  As I set up my new studio, I will post my efforts here for you to follow.  I want to help you get organized!  I can do that by showing you what works for me and my studio, or I can come straight to you and help you with your very own space and craft projects.  Any questions can also be sent to email...I will do my best to help you get to a place where you can jump in and start crafting with no stressful mess!
  The second thing I want to show you is how to keep up (or catch up) with your scrapbooking.  I have had a big year...moving...getting married...having a baby...having a toddler with me the whole time.  This left little time for my own scrapbooking.  I want to try and "catch up" a little bit.  I will post my efforts here for you to see.  I want to make them quick and easy.  This way you can follow my lead and catch up too.  I have lots of ideas, and on my Close To My Heart website, I will have all the products to keep you going.  I will also show you how to incorporate your older craft items to use them up and clear space for many new, exciting products!
  Hopefully this year will also bring many opportunities for classes, shows, and crops.  That's where you all come in for help.  Give me a call or shoot me an email...we will get a fun gathering set up for you right away!
  Happy New Year....and Happy Crafting to all!!!!