Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Organizing....when will I be done?!

If you have started to organize, or started to think about getting organized...then you know what I am going through right now.  I realized a couple things as I have been planning my organizing.  1. I have way too much paper...way, way too much. (I will eventually post a picture to prove it to all of you!)  and 2. There is no way to keep a two year old from getting into at least some of your crafting stash!
  That being said, I am determined to find a way to organize that will be quick, easy, and two year old proof (at least as much as is possible).
  I have found that the cubes you buy at A.C. Moore and Michaels are awesome.  I love that you can choose the ones that work and that they are moveable! You can get them for a great price, roughly $17 or $ long as you use a coupon or get them on sale.  This is great news, because you will have a little something left over to buy an adorable new project to start!
  So, my cubes are tables are set I just need to find the right way to put these 60+ boxes into the space I have!  Be strong my fellow crafters!  I am going to get us through this if it's the last thing I do!  Even if you aren't a paper worries...I am a jack of all crafts!!!  I will show you ways to organize just about anything!  
  Let's get organized!!!


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