Thursday, January 27, 2011's the toughest part....almost

Paper is definitely one of the hardest things to organize.  You have to decide what you will put it all in. You have to decide what way you will sort it all.  I want to share with you the ways that I like to organize my paper!
I have a couple brands of paper that I just love, so I start there.  I love Basic Grey, My Minds Eye, SEI, and of course Close To My Heart.  I keep those lines separate from the rest of my pattern paper.  The rest of the pattern paper gets sorted first by any holidays, second by predominate color, and third by pattern type (i.e. stripes, plaid, circles).  This third rule is for the papers that have so many colors it's impossible to choose a predominate one.  I also put this third rule into play within the predominate color sections.  
I have found this to be the best way to work.  If there is a particular combination that you have found works well together I put them to the side to keep them together in a paper saver.
For cardstock I think it's pretty safe to say arrange it by color.  I always follow the rainbow...ROY G BIV.  This is just the way I like to look at flows so nicely and looks pretty on the shelf.
I think that the Cropper Hopper brand of storage pieces works best for me. It keeps the paper upright on a shelf and it's easy to label. I think, if you have a lot of paper, it really works well.  
If you don't have a "paper problem" like I do. ;-)  There are some really nice storage cubes (the ones I talked about last time) that have fits paper perfectly. It also holds albums nicely.
Hopefully I have helped you solve some of your paper storage issues...and regain at least a small part of your sanity.
Next time....we talk.....(dramatic pause) RIBBON!!!!! (Which actually is the toughest part) 


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